There are many ignorant people who say ‘Go get a job’.. Well let me tell you, I went for an interview for an admin job at the minimum wage last week, I had to senf off for an application form (CV’s were not accepted) and I had to meet the criteria outlined, which was stringent. This was a job at 40 hours per week for £15,000 per annum. Around the minimum wage. I spent ALL DAY on the application because I had to skill match to stand any chance. I put a lot of effort into that application, as I do all my applications and this time I was invited for an interview and I was informed the interview would consist of a 30 minute IT test followed by a 1 hour interview by the panel. This was (I reiterate) for a minimum wage job. An applicant had to have a lot of experience with a lot of things. I prepared by researching them and knowing more about who they were, mission statements etc, I then spent another two days brushing up on Microsoft Office, I perceived Excel would be a big part of the IT test, but who can money to buy Microsoft Office (which is what they were using – 365) not me I am poor, so I watched a lot of youtube tutorials and practiced with free alternative software like Google Sheets, MS has Office Online I discovered so did some on there but it kept crashing. I had been right in my perceptions, the test was Excel, I followed the instructions and did everything except left a column blank because I didn’t know how to formula it for percentages, so I pretty much failed the test because of that. The interview was competency based and again I perceived it would be so practiced S.T.A.R. replies (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and I’m improving because I’ve always found that difficult, plucking examples from memory like that and fitting them into a s.t.a.r. formula.. Anyhow I asked how many people had applied for the position and she said 200. That is 200 people applied for a minimum wage job that one had to go to lengths to apply for, sit an 1/2 hour exam and then be interviewed for an hour. On Indeed it said over 100 had applied (via their portal) but non of those got through to the company because if you read the job advert on their company website it said there was a specific procedure to apply and that you had to request and application pack from them. Therefore, all those that had applied via Indeed, Total, Moster etc had wasted their time. It didn’t say on the job advert to request an application pack, so a lot of people just pressed ‘Apply’ on Indeed. This is why it’s crucial to find the job on the company website or call them, just to make sure the jobs is still available because many of jobs on boards are out of date or have an application form process and will not accept CV’s. I didn’t get the job. A lot of my time wasted again there. It’s a nightmare job hunting. I do it 68 hours a week and have done for more years than I care to admit. I am a very experienced job seeker. That’s basically why I was able to bag that interview. Bagging the job is a different ballgame. I’ve worked for many years as a volunteer too, which is also exploitation of people for free labour.

Of course I’m desperate, I’ve been desperate for a long time. I pay a mortgage out of my Job Seekers Allowance and while I have a roof over my head I’ve never had gas credit for ages (no hot water and no money for heating) and my electric often runs out.. Last winter I survived without heating, I don’t know how but is was so terrible I am terrified of spending this winter without heating too, I got Asthma from breathing in cold air 27/4 which was horrible, so too was having 8 jumpers on a day and 3 pairs of trousers as well as being wrapped up in a duvet while sat at the pc job hunting 16 hours a day online. Not enough electric in the meter to boil the kettle. There’s no quality of life in living like that. That is an existence and a horrible one. I hated that my skin rarely got fresh air to it because it was just so cold and painful just changing clothes. Your cognition doesn’t function well because your brain in cold temperatures goes into a sort of limp mode. I have become somewhat feral because I’ve been in this survival mode for some time just to stay alive. There’s nothing in the future, except repossession, there’s has never been holidays and likely never will be, there’s no going to the cinema or out for drinks or shopping for new things, there’s just nothing else because everything in this consumer society has to be paid for. There’s nothing you can do for free except walk.. And that’s something I do when I need a break from job seeking.

A reminder that most jobs on job sites are fake. If it’s posted by a recruitment agency and says somewhere in the advert ‘My client is seeking…’ you don’t know which company that is or if the job exists, the ‘recruitment’ agency get’s paid every time someone applies for that job by submitting a CV, CV’s contain valuable information in the marketing world and marketing companies buy access to them, then call the person up by name, they have their address, name, telephone number, everything and will use that to target people with telesales and spam.. Here’s an investigation that exposed a Baptist Deacon called Mark Coward of Coventry for profiteering from posting fake jobs.