I was really lucky, or perhaps the universe is taking care of me. Sunday and barely any food left, I had £1.20 in money that I had to think about spending wisely to keep me in food for another 4 days so as per usual when I have to hit the shop, waiting until almost closing time to pop in with my £1.19 hopeful I might be able to get something reduced. Other people were also scavenging like myself and this is all that was left in the reduced section, but as I have been having to live off humus and bread this more than made me happy. Humous wasn’t reduced and cost .89p but again I felt like I’d been saved from starvation by the mystical magic of the universe that provided for me, I can now eat for several more days. Happy days!

Specially Selected range x4 ancient seeded muffins; 10p

Specially Selected range x4 ancient seeded muffins; 10p

Loaf of seeded bread 400g; 10p

Humous 310g; 89p

Total £1.19

This is my Excel worksheet of everything that went into my digestive system and how much it cost, last week. https://skintferal.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/first-blog-post/