Having no money and therefore no real quality of life and having endured a cold winter without affording heating and really don’t want to live through another winter without heating I have done everything in my power to get work, committing an average of 68 hours a week to job searching and applying. I have cold called people and local business, I have built websites to showcase my work, a portfolio, I have learned software programs and I have worked as a volunteer and I have networked and I have tried to work for myself and I have tried to crowd source funding and tried selling things on ebay and tried this and tried that and continue to spend my life trying to find work or make a living. I sometimes get interviews, therefore I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my applications, I think there’s just so much competition. From attending interviews and inquiring how many people applied for the position I am often told around 200.

The last interview I had about 2 weeks ago I asked how many people had applied, she said 200. The job was an admin worker on the minimum wage, to apply you had to request an application pack and fill it in and there was a very stringent essential criteria that had to be met with provable evidence, one had to have experience and skills in administration, I spent all day filling in the application to skills match to stand any sort of chance by using language cleverly (I have good writing skills that most people don’t possess) and perhaps luck played a part and I was invited for an interview, I was informed the interview would be a 30 minute test, followed by an hours interview with the panel. I perceived the test would be Excel so I spend two days watching youtube tutorials in preparation, I couldn’t afford not to get the job, the first interview I’ve had in ages, I had to do everything I could to get it. I had been right, the test was Excel and I did well except for when it came to putting the formula for percentages in a column which I didn’t know, so I guess I failed on that. The interview I had also been right in perceiving it to be a competency based one and I’m never much good at those but I surprised myself and did quite well, I wasn’t nervous and again my preparation of gathering examples in my head might have paid off to some extent, I spend another full day rehearsing replies, and I did manage S.T.A.R (Situation, Task, Action, Result) replies no problem. However, I was aware I didn’t fit into that environment, and if I was aware of it I’m sure they were too, I am not really what you’d call an ‘office’ type, although I tried my best to look and play the part, I have lived quite a scavenging and feral existence for some time, I’m incredibly self sufficient, pro-active and street wise with a lot of confidence, I think it might show, the other’s in the office were young and seemed very timid among their piles of paper with numbers on. I can be quite a larger than life character, I have a lot of fun in the company of others and I’m quite spontaneous, I wasn’t the personality fit for that place but I wanted heat and I wanted to eat so I wanted the job desperately, but it wasn’t to be.

Another rejection was from another admin job, these people had contacted me last week to say they’d been overwhelmed with applications and had to take another week to process them. This because the interview date they had set had passed and couldn’t be met by them with the volume of applicant’s, another minimum wage job where one was required to have a lot of experience and also a provable interest in that specific area of business. The competition is immense.

These two communications are the only results I have received from job seeking and applying 68 hours a week for a few months. It’s just ridiculous how many jobs I’ve applied for.

I spent an afternoon filling in the application process for a part time job as Sales Assistant in a supermarket, the first two questions were:

  1. What is your postcode.
  2. Do you have food retail experience within the last 6 months.

I put in my postcode which is about 4 miles away from the store, I then checked ‘No’ to the food retail experience question. The next questions were situations with multiple choice answers ie: “If someone came to the counter to buy cigarettes and you asked for ID but they didn’t have any which action would you take below”… So I spent some time going through about 30 of those then at the end I was told I hadn’t passed the test. I couldn’t believe it because they were common sense, I am a curious person and my curiosity drove to find out why.. I registered with the site again so I could apply as a different person, I put in the name Linda Baker and put in a postcode that was within a mile of the store, I also checked the 2. Do you have food retail experience within the last 6 months. as Yes then answered all the multiple choice questions exactly the same as before, because there really only was one ‘common sense’ answer. LOW AND BEHOLD! I passed the test.. So it was nothing to do with my answers, it was either my proximity to the store (my postcode) or my last 6 months work history.. How the hell is a person suppose to get a job?

Just a reminder for anyone job seeking, I must have wasted a lot of time applying for jobs with bogus recruitment agencies, I WILL NOT APPLY FOR ANY JOB WITH ANY SO CALLED RECRUITMENT AGENCY BECAUSE I BELIEVE THEY ARE ALL FAKE JOB ADVERTS! Please see this video and don’t waste your time applying for jobs with recruitment agencies. A MUST WATCH.. THE RECRUITMENT SCAM OF FAKE JOB ADVERTS. BE WARNED, a Chanel 4 investigation into why people post fake jobs.


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