Someone I went to school with on my facebook always posts derogatory things about people on benefits. The image above was posted by her, she’s called Tracy and was in the ‘remedial’ class at high school, which means she needed extra special help with her education – in other words, she’s not very bright. Now she is married with two children, she serves in a chip shop part time and her husband works as a labourer for the local Council. She posted the picture above on facebook, which is where I got the image from. She is overweight, she goes to weight watchers and slimming world. She tells us when she’s lost 1lb in weight. This is how I know. She also posts a lot of pictures about drinking wine, like that makes her popular or middle class but is in a culture of copying the behavior of others.. A typical omega female incapable of independent thought, a follower, a monkey see, monkey do.. She posts a disproportionate amount of hate towards people on benefits, she’ll watch Chanel 5 shows like Benefits Britain and then rant about people smoking while they’re on benefits and how disgusting buying cigarettes is if you don’t work. Not long ago one person on benefits on a tv program she had been watching had a few cans of lager and she hit the roof with rage, ranting like a crazy person on her facebook. Tracy is a working class person, the kind who watch those programs. Intelligent people don’t watch programs like that. Her parents supported her and now her husband supports her, she only works a few lunch times a few days a week while her kids are at school, if her husband had an accident and died and she found herself in a situation where she had to claim more benefits (than Child Benefit, she has probably conveniently forgotten that she gets Child Benefit) then became a single parent she might THEN think twice and she might THEN struggle to put food on the table or have any quality of life. But until that happens or her husband is made redundant with Council cutbacks and then he’s unable to get another job (because 200 people apply for every job around here) then she’ll never know the hardships people on benefits face and she’s remain hateful towards them and ignorant and she’ll continue with her campaign of hate against the poor. UNTIL, it happens to her.

Yes I am also prejudice,  I am prejudice against such ignorant people who hate on the poor just because they have such a low IQ and are basically stupid!