So I’ve got a reduced pack of vege sausages in the freezer, nice! What a treat. It’s the last of my food suplies what a nice suprise hiding behind the frozen bread in my little ice box of my little fridge. (I don’t have a freezer).



Looking forward to my evening meal of a sausage in a bun with ketchup when I put the grill on and no gas comes out. Ok, damn, problem, how do I cook the sausage?.. I have no money to buy gas credit and the meter is all out. I think and think then remember a camp stove my son use to have, perhaps I can find it. While looking for it in his old bedroom I came upon another camp stove that was given to me years ago, I have used it before, it’s a great item but I’d forgot about it and there was still gas left in the canister. SUPER! How fantastical, I can now cook my sausage. I cut the sausage up and spread across on my roll then squirt ketchup on. Happy days.


Improvisation and problem solving. Hard core survival! Lol.