An advert on Indeed, this is quite unusual because it’s an actual company, while many companies use these jobs boards to promote their business and generate traffic to their site by posting fake jobs, because in the internet world – website hits are currency, (more on this below) but this looks like a genuine job posted by someone who hasn’t a clue how overwhelmed they’ll be with such an advert. Most jobs on these job boards state a list of essential criteria ie: 3 years experience in a similar role, provable experience with back office and MS Office, must have a driving licence and own vehicle, must have a relevant degree, must have NVQ in this or that to be considered, etc etc..

Yesterday I applied for a job I have applied for before, about two years ago, last week I applied for a job I have applied for jobs three times with that company, I have applied for thousands of jobs and now there are no companies left for me to apply for work with so I’m literally doing the rounds again and applying to the same places for a 2nd or 3rd time in as many years.

Jobs that are SPONSORED and posted by RECRUITMENT agencies are likely fake jobs. I did a lot of research into this and uncovered a web of what’s really going on. An example screenshot.


Fake jobs are posted because people make money from the CV’s submitted. Marketing companies buy access to CV databases and then call those people having acquired their name, phone number, address and personal work history, they will call to sell you insurance, PPI or whatever, this is the business operating using jobs boards to acquire the personal details of people.. There are no jobs, they want you CV.. It is a SCAM, stay clear of recruitment agencies and their job adverts. See more here on this facebook page I set up to help expose the shocking reality FAKE JOBS ACTION

When I find jobs I can apply for on Indeed, ones that I meet the essential criteria for and can travel to and from I will call the company to enquire if the vacancy is still available and ask for an email address to where I can send my application. I have done this for years, becasue I know applying though Indeed by pressing ‘APPLY NOW’ doesn’t work. For example a guy I called and spoke to about a vacancy advertised said he’s had hundreds of applications and every man and his dog had applied and he’d not even looked though the applications. That’s the reality. Another job which hundreds had applied for via the ‘APPLY NOW’ by submitting your CV via the button on Indeed had been ignored because on the company website it said CV’s would not be accepted and applicants had to request an application pack and fill it in and return. Therefore those hundreds too had wasted their time, this is why it’s crucial to visit the website of companies advertising jobs to find our more. All this of course is more time consuming that just sending a CV via a job board portal but that way is not effective and applicants stand little chance. All this might seem like common sense, but it’s not if you’re new to job seeking. It takes time to learn these things and I’ve learned these things and I’m still struggling to get a response from all my applications. I’ve applied for bar jobs, admin jobs, reception jobs, media jobs, sales jobs, care assistant jobs, travel agency jobs, Argos jobs, hotel jobs, catering jobs, card shop jobs, researcher jobs, graphic design jobs, motion graphics jobs, coffee shop jobs, driving jobs.. I honestly don’t know what else I can do, but looking and applying for work isn’t working.