If you’re unemployed you will probably qualify for BT Basic, which is cheaper phone line, inclusive calls and internet for people on benefit.

I only found out about this last year after being charged A LATE PAYMENT FEE then being put on incoming calls only and then being charged a fee to resume full service again. DISGUSTED I WAS PUNISHED (with financial penalties because I was poor – rich people who can pay their bills will never know of this) I wrote a letter to BT to complain about their treatment of the poor. Anyway, a horrible woman, a customer service manager eventually told me after a lot of communications and complaints (and then she seemed reluctant) about BT Basic. It is a lot cheaper, I don’t know how many people know about this. You have to be on benefits to qualify.

You get limited internet but there is an option to upgrade and pay a bit extra for unlimited internet, which is what I do, it works out (for me) for phone line rental (I make no phone calls) and unlimited internet on BT Basic £30 per month.

BT BASIC click this or below for info and link to apply.