Applied for another fucking FAKE JOB!! Dammit
I think I’ve been mislead by a job advert, the penny has just dropped. I applied for a job described as ‘Online Content Assistant’ which was the only job available with the company. The application process was quite simple (compared to most) by means of filling in their online application which were basic questions. This was about two weeks ago. Yesterday I missed a call and today I received an email about an interview time and place for the job, ‘Great’ I thought, but I thought it was strange, a bit too easy, that just doesn’t happen, I’m a VERY experienced job seeker, I then noticed the email was signed from (name) Telesales Manager and I thought ‘Why would the Telesales Manager email me about a job for ‘online content’.. ???
So I’ve just retrieved the voice message that was left on my phone yesterday from him and he says there’s 3 positions and to contact him back if I’m interested in any, the jobs are: 1 ‘Content Assistant 9am-5pm at 14k, again I thought 14k odd because that is below the minimum wage, I have checked, I am right, only .02p per hour below but still my spidey sense is tingling and I’m suspicious.
He then says there’s another job in Customer Services, calling and responding to customer enquiries at 15k and the other job is persuading customers to stay with the company and not leave and is 16k with bonuses….
So although desperate for work I’ve tried telesales several times before and I’d rather be dead, I am an ethical person not motivated by greed, targets or self interest and I can not lie or manipulate people to make a measly living no matter what.
So I think what’s happening here is there is NO ‘Online Content’ job at all… This is something I encounter often as a job seeker, they lie to attract staff and then say the online content job has been filled but there’s a telesales position and they think you’d be an ideal fit and be able to make a lot of money and you’re just what they’re looking for bla bla… they are pitching at YOU!.. they are professional blaggers.. and I don’t buy it, their shit, disgusted by such practices. I’m convinced now I’ve been conned again into applying for a fucking non existent job.. FUCKING HELL!!! Damn.. I wondered why he gave me more details about the 3rd job too and now it all falls into place.. I can see through bullshit.
This was with (xxxxx) – I’ll reveal the company name later, I might go purely to prove myself right and expose this practice as evidence, the job advertised was with (xxxxxx) who are owned by them. I know their games, pissed off doesn’t even cover it, ‘content’ as in ‘online content assistant’ isn’t even done from that location, it’s clearly a telesales base and it’s clearly a fucking telesales job… FUCKING Damn liars..

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