I worried about not being able to make payments for my water until someone told me it is illegal for water companies to disconnect your water supply. After a while they might take court action or something but in my experience I haven’t paid my water rates for a long time, I have made arrangements to pay so much per month which I’ve only ever met a few times so the arrangement has been broken but I’m just saying, because before I discovered that I had anxiety thinking any day I would get my water cut off and with two children at the time it caused a certain amount of distress. I get £65 per week JSA now (I have attachment of benefit for non payment of council tax or that would be £72 per week), paying water rates which works out at £7.50  A WEEK our of benefit (without arrears) is impossible. How can anyone on benefit afford that? They can’t!

My supplier is United Utilities, it will be a different supplier for different areas of the country but there is a government trust fund that can help those struggling to pay for water and the application pack is here for those with United Utilities. http://www.uutf.org.uk/Index.html