I haven’t been able to blog since my pc monitor died. I took it a part to see if I could diagnose the problem and repair it myself at no cost, but sadly, I’m not that intelligent in circuit boards and electronics. It’s beyond my capabilities. It’s dead.

Shortly after that I discovered the cupboard soaked with water and realised taps I had fitted myself 3 years ago had began to leak. Because I fitted them myself (had a problem for 3 years where the hot water tap wouldn’t turn off so I’d had to jam it off with things wedged on top of it, not so much of a problem as hot water isn’t something I’ve afforded but having objects like pans and towels piled upon of top it was an eyesore I tolerated for 3 years too long until I actually found funds somehow to buy taps and tools necessary to replace the taps myself, which came to £45 in total, it would have cost more than that to call out a plumber plus the price of taps and then his time wasn’t an option for me so I did it myself and it wasn’t easy, it was bloody hard getting behind the basin, there’s literally 3 inch of space to connect pipes and because the view is obscured with the sink I had to use mirrors. Anyway I did it myself and was incredibly proud and it was fine for 3 years until the weekend of death when that too seemed to die. Fortunately I had the basin wrench and tools to try and solve the problem myself, I thought it was just a washer but disconnecting the pipes I couldn’t find one to replace, it was dripping like crazy under the sink and I was having to empty a 3 litre jug every 1/2 hour to stop the overflow, the stop tap is behind the washing machine which makes it a pain to pull out, which then blocks the back door so I can’t exit the house through the back so it’s back & forth with the washing machine as I need to turn on water at the stop tap as I needed it. Pain in the ass. I tried for two days to solve the problem myself..


Fed up, thinking I couldn’t continue to live like that, turning water on and off at the stop tap as I needed it,  moving a washing machine in and out 3 times a day to access the stop tap, emptying a drip tray every 1/2 hour I called the plumber.

Last year I had a leak under the floorboards upstairs, for a year I put up with living like that, emptying a drip tray every 3 hours, which I had to access under the floorboards, as it was under my sons bed it means moving his bed, pulling up the carpet, removing floorboards and emptying water that had collected about 3 times a day, plus the washing machine and stop tap I had to attend to. A year I did that for, trying to seal the hole in the copper pipe with solutions I found on youtube, non of them effective so after a year (first thing I did when I got a job) was call the plumber, he came, was a great guy and did the job in no time for £75.. But I hadn’t got £75 before that. Best £75 I’d ever spent. I hadn’t got that money this time but thought it might just be a bolt needing tightening and me not being strong enough with a basin wrench in difficult to get to areas hoped it would be cheaper. He came and did the job and it was a bloody washer, a bloody washer like I first thought, I’m not a plumber so clearly not as experienced but he charged me just £35. A great guy, I’m grateful and life has been much simpler since.

But that took a massive chunk out of my job seekers allowance and I’ve not been able to pay the mortgage which is £27 per week. I skimped on electric and food in the hope I could somehow manage to pay it but I’ve held back. Luckily I found exceptionally cheap food, 8 baking potatoes for £1, having no gas I thought I’d make a fire in the back and cook them in the fire, especially as bonfire night was approaching. I was alone but still made a fire out of an old fence I rescued from a skip the neighbour was throwing, it had rained and got damp but I persevered and managed to bake the potatoes. I froze them to last all week, removing one from the ice box of the fridge the night before so I had a potato a day for 8 days, I had bought a big tub of coleslaw for 5p (yes 5p) reduced section at the supermarket at 8pm, and it lasted all week, sure it was way beyond it’s best before date but still edible. It was nice to eat vegetables, I love vegetables, I’ve been living off bread (5p for the loaf) and humous for so long, but now I realise microwaving each potato for 5 minutes to heat up was consuming my already rationed electricity and that’s also contributed to why I’m almost out, with 4 more days to go until I have access to money again.

It’s been really cold and I’ve had 6 pairs of trousers on and 6 sweaters on, which I’ve been ok at when the temperate is 9 degrees but my knees cease up and I can see my icy breath as I breath and my hands and feet remain freezing, so I have made a hot water bottle a few times a day and that has also consumed my electricity more than I bargained for. It’s hell having no electric. Got to be honest, no internet, no brews, no hot food, no hot water bottle, no lights. I feel like an animal, hibernating, hoping winter is over soon because there is no quality of life living that that.

My cat died. Halloween, I understand death is a part of life and I observe nature and can see the plants dying back and accept all that as the cycle of life but I didn’t expect my cat to die at this time. I’m still in grieving and can’t write about that along side monitors dying, he was my best friend, my one true companion, I’m sure it was the Bob Martin tablet I gave him. I will write about in a dedicated blog post.