The Bailiffs Arrive to collect debt for water rates with United Utilities. I didn’t answer the door because there’s nobody I know who would knock on my door, apart from son & daughter, who would enter in anyway there’s really no-one else in my life so I know from over the years anyone who knocks on my door is either trying to sell me something or trying to collect money from me (British Gas collections included), I have no money owed to loan sharks or anything like that, what I owe that I haven’t been able to pay is for gas, electric, council tax and water rates.


It was a woman from Marston’s (horrible woman with attitude when I spoke with her later on the phone) and I said I had applied for help with payment from the Trust Fund, the trust funds are a little bit confusing but I think I understand now, I thought it was a pot of money from the government assigned to certain corporations like water companies and energy companies and thought it was just the one trust fund that gave grants to successful applicants. For example I didn’t think I could apply for a British Gas trust fund grant because I’d already applied for it through United Utilities Trust Fund. I filled in all sorts of details with the online application (this year) which took me absolutely ages to fill in, I’d say a week collecting all the info, dates, outstanding and ongoing, income and expenditure etc and including Council Tax arrears because it implied the grant might help with that also, but as I understand it now there are different Trust Funds, so even though I’ve applied for United Utilities to cover water, I can also apply to British Gas Trust Fund to help with my arrears on that. Which I’ve almost cleared as it’s taken weekly out of the meter. Hence why I’m on electric rations of like 40p per day most of the time. And having been living without heating it’s really affected my health since the temperature has dropped,  the cold has given me asthma and for some reason I have begun to hurt all over, my joints, muscles and bones seem to hurt. I am not unfit, but what I’m finding is if I’m still for 10 minutes or more I have real difficulty in moving, ceased up. This morning when I woke up even turning my  head to look left hurt, last night I’d been sat on the floor doing a drawing to relax and hopefully sell when I literally couldn’t get up, it was seriously painful to move. Anyway I digress but I can only think the cold has something to do with that.

So I called United Utilities about my application and they said it had been cancelled in October because they were awaiting a signature and proof of benefits. I didn’t know that, they said I’d have to reapply. I spoke to 3 departments, again which was confusing I now now there is United Utilities Trust Fund (department) and then I spoke with United Utilities to put a payment plan in place for water I’m currently using (which is £400 per year so I’m expected to pay around £8 per week, which is a lot of money out of Job Seekers Allowance, most of which is taken already in ‘Attachment of benefit’ for my Council Tax arrears. So I explained that was a lot of money and the arrangement was to start paying £4.99 per month in January 2017, that means I’ll still be acquiring dept but at least it’s a bit of breathing space. And I know how difficult it is finding £4.99 per month anyway but there it is. There was also another deparment I spoke with, they have a ‘Court Team’ at United Utilities but because my debt had already gone to the ‘High Court’ I have to communicate with Marston’s (Bailiffs) about that.

Already charged £357 for them coming to my house, for fucks sake, if that is not a penalty on the poor I don’t know what is. So they want to remove goods to the value of £1,765.45 they’ll probably charged me more in fees or whatever but I don’t have a car or anything and things in this house they could remove ie: furniture like a dining table is 25 years old and broken, haha if you lean your elbows on it the top tips over as it’s not secured to the one big leg in the middle (I’m good with DIY but I can’t fix it, I’ve tried many times) and I have some computer equipment (which I don’t think they can take) and I have few clothes (very old clothes which I’ve modified over the years – they can take designer clothes but I have nothing of the sort, I’m not going to let them in clearly and will try and come to an arrangement to pay off that, I will offer £1 per month and of course if that’s rejected I’ll have to up it, and if that’s broken they’ll be bashing my door down for goods to the value of, so it’s important I do my best to keep to the arrangement. There’s really not enough money though I know that. I need to find some money and I’ve been trying to sell stuff like books on ebay and social media because there’s not enough money to cover the very basics like roof over my heard, electric and food. Of course I keep thinking about turning to criminal activities, I’ve been spending my life job seeking and applying and have wasted my life doing that 68 hours a week with no reward of food or warmth and I see people being paid to have fun or do nothing. Apart from job seeking I have tried to become self employed and dedicate all hours not job seeking to trying to do that too. I am a workaholic with a lot of evidence of my efforts.

I recently sold a picture I’d doodled, I talked about it here. I got £30 for it, it took me an entire day & maybe more to make a video of it and then the sold wood carved frame I gave away with it was not making a profit on my labour or materials but that £30 actually saved me from getting another £90 in additional fees for non payment of Council Tax, on trying to sort that out before bailiffs arrived I was told if I didn’t pay £30 in a few days I’d get charged an extra £90.. So luckily because of the payment I’d received for the artwork I was able to pay that, that means I’m paid up with Council Tax until April 2017 (yes why I do I have to pay in advance, if I die before then I’ve paid for stuff I’ve not even fucking had – joke) but my arrears is still being taken out of my benefit each week and I have to come to a monthly arrangement for another portion of it for some reason. So I have 3 payments I’m making to Council Tax regular (or suppose to).

The picture I sold, I felt like I was prostituting myself out, this is why, I felt I was not selling a pictures, I was selling access to myself. I suppose I should make a different post for this. I’ll write and link to it later. It’s here now I sold and item but I knew the buyer was purchasing access to me.

There are some good video’s and websites on how to get out of debt for free (knowledge is power) and here’s a link to a good one